Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Quarter-Finals

We're pleased to announce that our book, Kali's Eye, has made it to the Quarter-Finals in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. I doubt it will make it any further, but it's tremendous to have gone this far. If you're interested in reading the excerpt, we'd be tickled to death if you decided to review it. It's only the first chapter and I'm sorry now that I didn't do more, but I honestly didn't think we'd make it past the first round...

So far, the reviews have been very nice, though someone pointed out that you can't see Westminster Abbey from King's Cross Station (if you read the excerpt, you'll know what I mean). I have never been to London (or England...which makes me wonder why I wrote the story in the first place), but I have tried my best to keep buildings and land formations from moving around too much. The whole manuscript is going to be read by an editor from Publishers' Weekly, and I must admit that I'm feeling very nervous.

On another note, keep your eyes peeled for a piece of Narnian fanfiction, called The Thread that Runs so True, that we hope to start posting soon. It's nearly finished and we can't wait to see what you think of it.

~ Rose and Psyche

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