On Us

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually two of us; Rose plays with mathematics and is presently chasing a graduate degree related to bio-medical research. Steel yourselves, posts about the shining facets of mathematics may appear.

Psyche is doing nothing at all beyond writing furiously on six different original novels and going to doctors to see what has been bothering her for the last eight years. We're sisters, Rose is the eldest, but Psyche does most of the writing and drawing. We're both keen photographers, as well. We hope someday to become published authors. For more about us, check out our fan-fiction and DeviantArt profiles.

Thank you!

~ Rose and Psyche


  1. Dear Rose and Psyche,
    I found the photo of my Allactaga elater (http://www.fotomontaro.com/rodentia/allactaga_elater05.shtml) at one of the pages of your site:

    Would you like to add my name as aythor of this photo?


    I think that name Dipus is better than Jerboa in our case.

    1. Apologies. There are so many images hanging around out there, it's hard to know what belongs to whom. Beautiful capture, by the way!

  2. Hey this is Cowboy-4-Christ, a fellow Fanfiction author who loves your work. I saw that you like James Herriot and I like it too, my grandpa showed it to me. Anyway nust here to say hi.

    1. Hi to you, too! Thank you for dropping by. We've loved James Harriot ever since we first saw the BBC television show. Made me want to become a vet ever after. ;)