Sunday, October 13, 2013

IT Rock, or a tale of two fawns

This is a little story I wrote back when I was ten. We have a lot of deer in our area and one of the does gave birth to twins one year. It was terribly exciting to watch them grow up and see their spots disappear. I wrote this story after we saw them eating mushrooms in our backyard.
A faun Rose spotted this summer
Two fawns stood with their mother under a spreading oak tree. The bigger and stronger one was named Kona after his father, the great stag Kona, and the smaller and more cautious one was named Sennetta after her mother.

It was a hot day and Kona was restless. “Mama, may Sennetta and I go discover something?”

Mama laughed, “Yes, but you have to be very alert, and you must come back for supper. Don’t get into a fight with anything.”

So, five minuets later Kona and Sennetta found themselves on a very exciting exploration of the woods.

“Kona, do you have any idea what we are going to be discovering?” Sennetta asked.

“No, but IT is something very exciting.”  Kona answered decidedly.  IT must be something very exciting he thought, or they would not be trying to find IT.

A few minutes later Sennetta asked, “Does IT have teeth?“

Kona answered, “Probably not, but if IT does, we shall fight IT.“

“But Mother told us not to get into a fight with anything,“ Sennetta reminded him.

“IT is probably friendly,‘’ Kona supposed, “So we will not have to fight IT. “

   After walking for a little while they came to a pretty meadow with a large, flat boulder.

“Oh, look!“ cried Sennetta. “This must be what we are going to discover.”

They bounded towards IT and Kona jumped up on top of IT.

“This must be IT!” Kona yelled, “This just has to be IT!“

“We should name IT, Kona,” Sennetta suggested.

“Yes, we must name IT, … something clever.”

So, they sat on the rock thinking and finally decided on “IT Rock.”

A little later they decided to eat lunch. Kona loved mushrooms, so they left the pretty meadow to find some.

Eventually they came to a very large box at the edge of the woods where some strange upright creatures lived.  Mama had taken the fawns to this place many times.

“Oh, good! This place has mushrooms,” cried Kona. So he left the woods to eat some.

“Watch out! They might have bang-bang sticks,” warned Senneta.

“Not this place. Mama said they didn’t.”

After they had eaten lunch, they went back home for supper. Mama asked, “So, what did you discover?”

“We discovered a big rock which we called, IT Rock, and we ate mushrooms for lunch,” explained Kona.




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